The Process

At Coppermark Builders our goal is to create a house that expresses your individuality and flows in both form and function. Starting on the construction of your home is truly exciting and the beginning of a rewarding building process. We believe the journey should be as rewarding as the destination. That’s why we take great measures to include our homebuyers in every important decision point of the building process – from inception to completion, and we are always available to answer any questions and attend to any new features you may want to incorporate into your home. The professionalism and communication at Coppermark Builders makes watching your home take shape all the more gratifying. We truly love getting to know our clients and forming friendships along the way.

The custom home design process should be all about the client…YOU. You may have ideas jotted down on a napkin or may have already found a home design and plan online. Whatever you have, wherever you are, we will help you every step of the way.

Before we begin working with you on your plans, we will talk about your:

  • •  Goals
  • •  Lifestyle at home
  • •  Stage of life
  • •  Personal interests

We’re not selling you a house – we’re providing you with design-build services that make the entire custom homebuilding process a cooperative effort between you and Coppermark Builders. Our home design process will ensure your new home turns out exactly the way you want. We will guide you through every construction phase. When you build with Coppermark Builders, you are in full control of your custom home design and construction, from the initial design meeting to the final walk-through.

Below is a general timeline for the construction process.

Stage Time Week Number

Foundation & Site

2 Weeks


Framing 2 Weeks 3-4
Exterior Finishes 1 Week 5
Mechanical Rough-Ins 3 Weeks 6-8
Insulation & Air Sealing 1 Week 9
Interior Finishes 5 Weeks 10-14
Landscaping 2 Weeks 15-16


  1. Cost - Building your own home is typically less expensive than buying an existing home, especially if you are looking for certain things. Finding an existing home that has everything on your "must-have" list may cause you to spend more than you originally wanted to.
  2. Customize  - When you build your own home, you can personalize it to where it's perfect for you and your family. You may want a large deck, a second floor, a media room, a modern touch, a colonial home, etc. Whatever you want, you can design.
  3. Size - If you want a home with huge rooms, you can build it. It you want a large open kitchen, it's yours. When you build your own home, you can make everything the size you want, rather than settling for a house that has a room that is too small or in an awkward place.
  4. Quality - Building your own house allows you to choose materials that you know will last. When you buy an existing home, you have no idea what materials they used or what actions the builder took to cut costs.
  5. Equity - Your house will typically end up being worth more than what you invested in it. Since you are the first owner you are not paying a premium for every time the home has changed hands since it was built.